Bioclimatic orientable

A light breeze? let the sun shine through? shelter from the rain? The bioclimatic pergola can be enjoyed all year round.

Gibus bioclimatic pergolas dialogue silently with nature to offer you a constant well-being despite changing weather conditions. Even the most imperceptible. And with minimum energy waste.

The secret lies in the adjustable slat roof: when rotated and slightly open, they create a light and pleasant breeze and protect against direct sunlight; when closed, they protect against rain and the water is conducted to the integrated drainage system.

In Gibus bioclimatic pergolas, the microclimate is always ideal. The vertical dimension completes the horizontal one with the possibility of integrating all the Zip side closures. The pergola closes on each side to provide shade during the warmer months, or it can be glazed to enjoy the view in the cooler months.

Modular bioclimatic pergola in powder coated extruded aluminum, available in the island or semi-detached version. The structure fully integrates the Zip roller shutters inside the profiles, combining functional performance with minimalist lines. Med Varia allows the attachment on the sides of glazed enclosures, useful in the cooler months, and shading screens, essential in summer. In this way it becomes a solution with a modular configuration that can be adapted to the climate and can be used in all seasons. The Side Seal patent guarantees the perimeter insulation of the roof. The Twist Motion patent allows the slats to rotate from 0° to 135°. The bioclimatic pergola can be closed on the sides thanks to the glass or zipper closures.

The slats, when slightly open, create a comfortable microclimate and block direct sun radiation. When closed, they protect against rain and the water drains into the integrated downpipes.

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Modular bioclimatic pergola in powder-coated extruded aluminum available in the island or semi-detached version. The closed slats protect from rain and sun and, when open, create a pleasant natural ventilation in the covered area. Thanks to the minimalist design, the structure integrates perfectly into any architectural context, enhancing it. The many possible combinations and the versatility of the slat opening allow total freedom of expression during the design phase.

The characteristic opening movement and the perimeter sealing system of the slats are exclusive Gibus patents. Equipped with all the Med Twist automatic systems, it can automatically respond to climatic conditions by adapting the position of the slats for effective protection or natural and ecological cooling.

Living with Gibus - Hotel Punta Negra

Med Twist - Bordighera

Med Twist - Castelsardo

Pergola Med Twist

Med Twist - Tuscany

Bioclimatic pergola in powder-coated aluminum, with an adjustable leaf roof, made up of 13×13 cm section uprights and a 25 cm high perimeter frame. The roof leaves can be oriented from 0° to 120° and, once closed, guarantee a rain and weather resistant roof.

The movement of the leaves is rotating and takes place around the lower bolt, so that - once closed - they rest on the internal perimeter of the structure, maintaining the insulation from rain, wind and insects. The movement is guaranteed by one or two linear motors, depending on the size of the structure. Med Joy allows the perimeter closing with roll-up awnings or windows of the Gibus range.

Living with Gibus - Hotel Punta Negra

Movie is the intelligent bioclimatic pergola with adjustable slats.

Thanks to its delicate elegance, the result of a perfect balance of slender volumes and pure design, Movie is the ideal solution for transforming small outdoor areas into charming wellness spaces, with exceptional comfort guaranteed by the possibility of controlling the pergola remotely thanks to a simple App.

It can be further protected thanks to the closing of the side fronts with glazing and zip awnings to guarantee the desired comfort conditions at all times. In addition, for an even more versatile use, it can be equipped with LED lighting (light points that can be incorporated into the slats or perimeter LED strips), ideal for illuminating under the structure when it gets dark, creating suggestive atmospheres to enjoy alone or in company.

It is naturally connected and equipped with a specific App. It can also be controlled by home automation.

The slats can rotate from 0° to 115°, mitigating the intensity of the sun's rays or protecting from wind and precipitation.

You can control Movie with the supplied remote control or with the specific App.

The model incorporates in the structure the spot lighting on the slats and color-changing RGB led strips.

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