Pergolas in Mallorca

In recent times, pergolas are in great demand. The versatility offered by Mallorca pergolas make them ideal for both summer and winter.

In summer they provide shade during the hot sunny hours and protection from dew at night, keeping your surfaces dry until dawn.

Pergolas are the perfect base for an enclosure. Enclosures in winter protect from rain, wind and cold while keeping the heat inside. If you love rainy days, inside the pergola you can create a cozy space and enjoy the rainy days, it's all advantages!

Types of pergolas at Innout Mallorca

At Innout Mallorca we have several types of pergolas. From futuristic bioclimatic pergolas, to rustic and handcrafted pergolas.

  • BIOCLIMATIC: Aluminum, modern lines, minimalist.
  • TECHNICAL CORRIDOR OR TENSIONED PERGOLA: In aluminum and with textile cover, perfect enclosures. At 90º or inclined.
  • SHUTTERS OR SEA CORRIDOR: In aluminum, with textile cover, mostly manually operated. Versatile and economical.
  • CORDED CANVAS: Structure in stainless steel, iron or wood. Rustic and handcrafted appearance. Mainly for solar protection, great wind resistance.
  • GLASS ROOF: Retractable, maximum luminosity.
  • PERGOLINOS AND VERANDAS: Roll-up, wind resistant. Ideal for covering a glass roof.

Bioclimatic aluminum pergolas in Majorca

The trendy pergolas, the bioclimatic pergolas, are bioclimatic aluminum pergolas in Mallorca, with adjustable slats. Hot air tends to remain trapped in the roofs and with the bioclimatic pergola, this does not happen. Its main characteristic is to achieve a complete shade without closing the roof, which allows a continuous air flow.

Another peculiarity of the bioclimatic pergolas in Mallorca is their precision in controlling light and sun. On more than one occasion we feel like enjoying a meal in the sun but after a while we realize that it is too strong and that we are going to be hot. With the bioclimatic pergola you can regulate the intensity of the sun that enters the pergola, creating a personalized climate suitable for each season of the year. For the most demanding, there are also retractable bioclimatic pergolas that can be opened by parking all the slats at one end of the pergola, thus being able to enjoy a completely open roof.

Another advantage of bioclimatic pergolas is the energy saving and therefore the economic saving. Strategically installed, the bioclimatic pergola prevents the impact of direct sunlight on the windows of your home, without having to give up the light.

Bioclimatic pergolas do not require significant maintenance, cleaning is easy as the slats can be rotated to allow access from both sides.

The bioclimatic pergola can be installed without the need for building work or modifying your home. Bioclimatic pergolas can be installed in modules to cover large areas. The pergolas can be attached, integrated into a frame of work or independently self-supporting.

Bioclimatic pergolas can be equipped with glass windbreaks or vertical awnings. They are a magnificent base for a watertight and luminous enclosure .

You are probably wondering how to use a bioclimatic pergola . It works through a remote control from which you can control its position from 0º to 120º and have the brightness you want to enter inside the pergola. It can also have rain or sun sensors so that it closes if it starts to rain or when the sun hits it. Besides, they are fully compatible with the most current home automation systems.

Visit here and take a look at the bioclimatic pergolas section.

Tensioned pergola or technical sliding

The tensioned pergolas or technical sliding, can be understood as an evolution of the traditional palillera. The aluminum poles go under the textile cover which allows an easy drainage, allowing the water to run down the slope towards the goal which is often used as a channel. The solid fixation of the poles to the trolleys eliminates any noise when the wind blows.

The latest novelty in tensioned pergolas is the 90º. An ingenious design that allows the structure to have no slope, it is the look most sought after by architects when it comes to projects such as minimalist houses or modern buildings. To achieve good drainage, a slight curvature is given to each stick. In this case, a perimeter channel collects the water to channel it to the downspouts that are usually at the foot.

Tensioned or technical sliding pergolas are also an ideal base for an enclosure with glass curtains or vertical awnings.

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