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The season dictates the material: shading, blackout or insect screen for summer, glass for winter.

Solar protection, blocking the sun before it heats the glass is the smartest way to save energy in air conditioning.

Micro-perforated fabrics, while allowing air to pass through, can also function perfectly as a mosquito net, so you can leave your windows open and let the outside air in without worry.

The transparent pvc fabrics are ideal for winter, to close pergolas and enjoy your terrace spaces with a pleasant level of comfort.

Vertical awnings, in rectangular section cassette available in 4 sizes, or without cassette and with ZIP system guides that integrate the Mag Lock patented magnetic fixing system. These products are specifically designed to provide light protection and shade for windows and glazing. In particular, the Naked model, without cassette, is the perfect solution for installation in a ceiling void, if available in the building.

The peculiarity of the Click Zip Ghost model is the front profile, able to enter completely into the cassette and therefore invisible with the awning rolled up. The box can be inspected from below and is equipped with a mobile locking system, the heads are made of die-cast aluminum and painted in the same color as the structure. The awning, when fitted with recessed guides, can be completely incorporated into the window block. The cassette can be inspected and is equipped with a movable locking system, the heads are made of die-cast aluminum and lacquered in the same color as the structure.

The awning can be fixed to the jamb by means of the headers, or supported by the guides. The guides integrate the coextruded PVC ZIP system, in addition to the magnetic fixing; they can be fixed laterally (recess mounting) or frontally (wall mounting). The system can be fitted with darkening, shading, Crsital or insect screen fabric. The extruded aluminum and die-cast aluminum profiles are powder-coated, the screws are stainless steel and the fittings are nylon.

Manual drive (machine with limit switch and removable crank) or motorized (normal motor, RTS or IO Home-control).

The technological innovation that characterizes Click Zip is the magnetic lock. Mag Lock is a patented system designed to optimize the vertical tensioning of the fabric. Inside the front of the awnings there is a magnet (with a force of 100 N) that, once the fabric is lowered, engages a twin magnet integrated in the awning leg. Thanks to an attraction-repulsion game we get 25% more resistance compared to a normal use.

Click Zip Twin
The main feature of the product is the ability to integrate 2 winding shafts inside the same box, which can be operated independently of each other. The 13.0 x 25.0 cm section box can be easily opened and is equipped with a removable locking system. The headboards are made of die-cast aluminum and lacquered in the same color as the awning structure. The awning can be fixed laterally through the headers or self-supporting supported by the guides. The guides measure 5.6 x 13.0, include magnetic locking and a system for ZIP in PVC amortized by stainless steel springs. This system can mount 2 tarpaulins simultaneously for shade, screening, glass (transparent PVC) or mosquito netting. Manual operation (machine with limit switch and removable crank) or motorized (normal motor, RTS or IO Home-control).

Drop canopy with square section box, load bar guided by two stainless steel cables and magnetic locking foot. The box can be opened thanks to the movable locking system (patented Smart Cover system), the side covers are made of die-cast aluminum in the same color as the structure. The awning can be fixed to the ceiling or between walls. The magnetic feet can be anchored directly to the ground, on brackets fixed to the front wall or between walls. Wind resistance varies according to the type of fabric used and the size of the awning, according to UNI EN 13561 standards. Extruded aluminum and die-cast aluminum profiles, powder coated, stainless aluminum hardware and nylon accessories. Manual control with machine and removable rod, or motorized.

The wide-rail vertical awnings can have a PVC, acrylic or micro-perforated fabric or can be combined with a PVC glass window.

It is an ideal model to be installed on porches, pergolas or alminium enclosures in bars and restaurants. It can be fitted with cross bars to improve wind resistance.

Compatible with motorization and automation systems.

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